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Tattoo removal methods have come a long way from potentially skin-damaging treatments such as acid removal, excision and dermabrasion, to faster and more effective aesthetic lasers we have today.

*PicoSure is the most advanced of these technologies and is now available in Australia. It is cleared by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the Australian equivalent of the FDA in the US. PicoSure targets unwanted ink more effectively than ever before, successfully removing difficult ink color such as blues and greens as well as previously treated tattoos. This means you need fewer treatments, have a faster recovery time and enjoy greater results.

How PicoSure Works

*PicoSure® is one of the world’s first picosecond aesthetic laser. It is cleared by the FDA in the US and TGA in Australia. Recognized as a breakthrough in tattoo removal, PicoSure will help you achieve visibly clearer, ink-free skin faster. Even difficult ink colors, such as blues and greens, as well as previously treated tattoos, can be removed in fewer treatments with better clearance and improved recovery time.

The PicoSure Difference

PicoSure uses the latest technology to remove ink colors by delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin. These pulses create a photomechanical effect, or PressureWave, that targets ink while avoiding unmarked tissue.

Traditional nanosecond lasers predominantly rely on photo thermal action, delivering heat to the pigment and surrounding tissue. PressureWave shatters the ink into tiny, dust-like particles, which are easily eliminated by the body. This results in clearer skin with fewer treatments.

Ultra-short Pulse Duration

*Picosecond pulse width is 100 times shorter than nanosecond technology. Only ultra-short pulse durations trigger photomechanical effect. With this short pulse width, half the fluence is required compared to nanosecond lasers.

*Before and After

Price - from $150

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