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Experts in personalised treatments to better appreciate skin of all colours.

Meet Pricilla and Kathryn

Since working in the same skin clinic many years ago, we often pondered the possibility of customising skin services, offering different skin treatments and applying different techniques used on our client’s skin during their treatments for optimum outcome. We have always wanted to strive for the best outcome for our client’s skin using the latest, safest and most advanced technology. This slowly made us realise and recognise the gaps of today’s modern beauty industry. We found that a client’s knowledge about their skin was guided by mass marketing campaigns and subpar treatments that did not cater to their individual skin needs. The treatments that our clients had were not tailored to their skin tone, texture and structure. The fundamentals of the skin of people with different heritage were not deeply understood or acknowledged by many clinicians and skin care providers.

A combination of our mutual beliefs of what this industry is lacking combined with our experiences in this field, drove us to create iSkin Clinic with a common goal to help our clients better appreciate their skin. Instead of having our clients pick treatments guided by a skin treatment menu, we believe in first understanding our client’s goals and working together with them to personalise skin treatments and providing them with specialised home care carefully tailored and planned by our team of dermal therapists.

iSkin was formed to provide skin management and treatments that respect the colour, texture and structure of each client’s genetic makeup. We are here to provide personalised, result orientated and sustainable skin care treatments using the latest and most advanced technology to achieve optimal results for clients of all backgrounds. Our hand-picked laser (Picosure Laser) and advanced skin treatments are chosen by us to cater to clients with specific needs for their different skin types and colours. At iSkin Clinics, we encourage everyone to take ownership of their skin and our team of skin experts are here to guide you through the journey to achieve and maintain your goal.

“To better appreciate your skin.”- Pricilla and Kathryn of iSkin Clinics

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